The time does swiftly flow,
'Tis forty years ago,
Since to my dear old man I was wed;
'For better or for worse!'
The words I now rehearse,
And I love the day when they were said!
O, his heart was young and true,
His eyes were soft and blue,
And his arm was strong and stout for me,
And our lives have been like one
And now 'tis well nigh run,
Together down the hill go we!

Chorus: My old man! My dear old man!
Best in the world since the world began.
In joy and tears,
Through forty years,
Always true and faithful to me, my old man.

I recollect the morn,
When our little boy was born,
And I see my husband's eyes grow bright;
How we loved the boy away!
Sweet in sleep and gay in play,
How his parents prayed for him at night!
I remember how he lay,
When he died, I hear him say,
'I see the angels, mother, by the sun!'
And my old man's hand held mine,
And I saw his head incline,
He murmered from his heart, 'Thy will be done!'


I remember grief and pain,
But my heart is full again,
When I dream of all the joys we've seen.
When we're gathered by the fire
All the friends our hearts desire,
O, and merry in our mirth we've been!
We have other girls and boys,
Sweet companions in our joys,
And our hearts have been so light and true,
And a happy aged wife
Owes the rapture of her life,
O, my darling dear old man, to you.


Written and composed by Richard Morton & George Le Brunn
Performed by Katie Lawrence (1870-1913)
From Music Hall Lyrics Collection
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