I'm not much to look at, I don't mind confessing
But all the same I've found
A sweet little wench, and 'reet' little wench,
The pick of them all around
It's no fancy milliner, no flighty barmaid
That's almost sent me mad
I've always maintained that a factory lass
Is the lass for a factory lad.

Chorus: My wench is a factory wench,
My wench is a queen
My wench is a factory wench,
She wears no hat,
But she's no worse for that
My wench is a factory wench,
And tho' her style isn't French
She tickles my fancy, does Nancy
My own little factory wench.

It's no suufragette that I've given my heart to
She wants no vote at all
Her wishes are few, between me and you
You could cover the lot with her shawl
I look in the glass and say to myself
'What a lucky lad you are
To win such a prize, such a glorious prize
Why, I wouldn't swop shops with the Czar.'


We meet ev'ry morn when the bells are all ringing
And 'buzzers' loudly blow
I know well the sound of her clogs on the ground
As off to the mill she'll go
There'll soon be a wedding, we've purchased the bedding
So now we shan't be long
There'll be quite a gathering of factory folk
With this as the principal song,

Written and composed by C.W. Murphy & Dan Lipton - 1911
Performed by Morny Cash (1872-1938)
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