(Musical Monologue)

I dreamed last night of every fight,
Where in my might I conqu'ring led.
Of battle cries, of lung-pierced sighs,
Of glazing eyes, of all my dead!
For I had killed and stormed and stilled,
As I had willed, in useless fray.
I knew, too late, relentless fate
Had marked a date, had fixed, a day!
There stood revealed, that hated field
Where doomed to yield, I bowed the knee.
My bravest slain, my courage vain!
A cup to drain grief filled for me.
Once more, in trance, I saw my France a prey to chance,
A conquered land and 'ere surprise
Had stunned my eyes
Beheld her held erect and grand!
And at her side there, stood, allied,
A power world-wide, my conqu'ring foe!
The brave all came,
And loud their claim
In freedom's name
To lay Lust low,
The lust of greed, of braggard breed;
Of War-Lord's lead 'gainst Peace grown bold.
True friends in need, in word and deed.
Close bound they bleed
Their faith in peace,
In Earth's increase,
When war shall cease, when Caesars die!
For this they fight in all their might,
And they are right, I say it, I!
For good or ill my iron will, unrivalled still,
Can know no peer.
Stern fate will see who copies me,
Shall bow the knee in abject fear.
I know when peace, the whole world seeks,
When Peace, on War, grim vengeance wreaks,
The dawn is near, Napoleon speaks;
God sends, The Day!

Written and composed by Albert Chevalier & Alfred H. West - 1914
Performed by Albert Chevalier (1861-1923)
From Music Hall Lyrics Collection
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