'Pon my soul I'm so dreadfully naughty,
I'm always at some naughty act.
I don't want to startle you ladies,
By stating so well-known a fact.
In confidence, mind it's a secret,
You'll keep it, I know ladies can,
I am, oh! I am, though I say it,
I am such a naughty young man.

Chorus: 'Pon my life now, I'm dreadfully naughty,
Oh, so naughty, very naughty;
And the ladies 'twixt sixteen and forty,
Say I am such a naughty young man.

I once took my grandma to Greenwhich,
She paid for the shrimps and the tea,
But then we gay, naughty, young fellows,
Do love so a deuce of a spree!
We didn't get home 'til past seven,
The evening was growing quite dark,
Mamma was so anxious about us,
But then we fast boys love a lark.

SPOKEN... I was always of a fast turn of mind. I go in for glorious dissipation, keep white mice and silk-worms, the silk-worms are very fast too. I met one of them on the stairs this morning, ha! ha! I love a joke, but then...


I've a cousin and she's uncle's daughter,
I took her out once for a walk,
You'd really have thought we were lovers,
To judge from our looks and out talk;
She into a pastry-cook's took me,
And I had two tarts and an ice,
And that, you'll admit's, dissipation,
And filling besides at the price.

SPOKEN... I made a splendid joke in the shop, when they opened the lemonade and the cork popped, I said, 'That's popping the question.' and she said, 'Oh! you naughty young man...


At 'Kiss in the ring' I'm considered,
A naughty young man for the work,
And at that fast game 'Hunt the slipper'
They call me a terrible turk.
At Christmas the ladies avoid me,
'Cos under the mistletoe bough,
I once kissed the eldest Miss Wilkins,
And didn't I get in a row!

SPOKEN... Yes, she was a devilish handsome woman too. Passed, perhaps eight and fifty, but they like it, Sir, we gay naughty dogs you see, ha! ha! The other night I went to the pit of the theatrs and in the crowd my two arms found themselves forced round two ladies waists, for shame! but then...


Written and composed by Frank W. Green & Alfred G. Vance
Performed by Alfred (The Great) Vance (1838-1888)
From Music Hall Lyrics Collection
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