Faith, as long as I rimimber I shall always think wid pride
Of the mornin' whin us navvies wint to take a motor ride
Two in front, and four behind us, six in all upon the car
We'd the divil's own divershun ere we'd drivin it very far
We'd a lovely great big 'hooter' that made people have a fit
Sure, our hearts were full of pleasure,
An' our mouths were full of grit
Goin' forty miles an hour, bedad, it may be quite sublime
But I'd rather drive McGinty's pie-bald pony any time.

Chorus: The first time I tried to drive a motor-car
The works wint wrong and the boiler bust
An' filled my eyes and mouth wid dust
An' people cried, whin the wheels began to stick
'Next time you drive a motor, bring your shovel and your pick.'

It was all right whin we started, but I think we struck a leak
For the thing began to wobble, an' play acrobats, and shriek
'I feel certain it'll blow up in a minute' say Magee
'Let it blow up, if it wants to! sure it don't belong to me.'
Thin a bobby in the road-way, he jumped out an' wint like that
But, more power to me elbow, in the road I lift him flat
I got jist a bit excited as O'Shaughnessy said, 'Stop'
But I wint to turn the lever, an' I killed another 'slop'


'Twas the most exciting journey, through the lanes we seemed to fly
Kids an' cripples fairly scattered as they saw us comin' by
Thin I heard a sudden 'bang bang' an' I seemed to float in space
An' I woke up, wid M'Ginty quietly sittin' on me face
There were little bits of motor lyin' all about the road
Mixed wid little bits o' navvy, whin up in the air we blowed
An' to buy another motor it costs sich a heavy sum
It'll ate up all our savin's for a hundred years to come.

Written and composed by J. P. Harrington & George Le Brunn - 1904
Performed by Michael Nolan (1867-1910)
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