I've lost my gal through a pal of 'o mine
Always wi' me nar, I'll tell yer why becos
Me and 'im was partners in a donkey cart
That's what made me introdooce him to the tart
One day I sez 'Bill, I want's the cart today
'E sez, 'Me too' in a aggrevating way
As I did not want to go and needle 'im
I takes my gal along o' me to wheedle 'im.

Chorus: Never introduce your Donah to a pal
Cos the odds is 10 to 1 he sneaks yer gal
He'll stand her whelks and porter
And upon the sly he'll court her
Never introduce your donah to a pal
Take my tip
Always keep yer blinkers on yer gal.

Once I spotted Bill and Sal a-makin' eyes
Then he goes and lushes 'er, to my surprise
I sez, 'Lookm 'ere, this is far beyond a joke.'
He sez 'Chuck it, else I'll land yer on the boke'
I spars up, but though yer won't believe the fact
In one short round I gits both my peepers blacked
From the cart Sal shouted, 'Garn, it sarves yer right'
In jumped Bill, and then the pair druv out of sight.


Bill and Sal got spliced a month ago today
For their honeymoon, at Bow they went to stay
Just to rankle me, and finish up the fake
They sends me a pound and 'alf o' wedding cake
They're in business, and a nobby start they've made
As for me, I'm getting broke and losin' trade
Things, in fact, is now a-lookin' precious blue
For I'm seedy, sad, and broken hearted too.

Written and composed by Albert E. Ellis & A.E. Durandeau - 1891
Performed by Gus Elen (1862-1904)
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