'So he wants you to forget him,' says a grey haired man in tears
As he reads his daughter's letter still a girl of tender years
'He has left you for another who has crept into his heart
Forget him and forgive him 'twould be better so to part'
Then to his breast he takes her head as tenderly to her he said,

Chorus: 'Though your heart may ache awhile, never mind
Though your face may lose it's smile, never mind
For there's sunshine after rain, and then gladness follows pain
You'll be happy once again, never mind.'

'In his love he may have faltered as his letter seems to say
There will be a bright tomorrow, darkest clouds will fly away
Time will be the wonder worker, though it's hard I know to part
He may tire of his new love and creep back into your heart
Love like pride must have it's fall, true love will conquer after all.

Written and composed by Goldbourne
Performed by Gertie Gitana (1887-1957)
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