Oh have you heard the latest news of how the world's to be,
Soon lighted up from pole to pole by electricity.
The light of day will be eclipsed soon by the light of night,
When all the Earth's illuminated by electric light.

Chorus: Moonlight, limelight and the light of day,
Silber light and candle light are not half so bright.
Gas light, bude light soon will pass away,
All must take a back seat through electricity.

'Twill show us all the funny things folk did when it was dark,
And let us see some spooney couples kissing in the park.
Policemen down the areas then, must look-out or we might,
Find where our pies and cold meat go to by electric light.


'Twill show us who are drinking at the tavern bars all day,
And show us how they doctor what the drunkard puts away.
And husbands must be careful when they stop out late at night,
Wives will learn what time it is by the electric light.


'Twill show us the atrocities committed in the East,
And throw a light on Russia's shifty policy, at least.
And in the House of Parliament we all shall learn a-right,
The policy of Beaconsfield by the electric light.


'Twill show who calls when we are out and then oh! fearful sell,
'Twill show whenever we go out, where we make calls as well.
'Twill let us know who are our friends and give us clear insight,
To all that's right and all that's wrong will this electric light.


PDF Sheet Music
Written and composed by F.W. Green & Alfred Lee
Performed by Nelly Power (1854-1887)
From Music Hall Lyrics Collection

Few recent inventions... are more remarkable than M. Gramme's electric light. Frequently, during the past Session of Parliament its wonderful beam has been seen in mid-air, cast from the noble clock-tower of the New Palace at Westminster. This beautiful light, which shone conspicuously from its eyrie 260ft. above the streets, illuminating them far and wide, was supplied by the electric current from a small machine requiring only 2½ horse power to drive it ... It is possible that all our streets in a few years hence may be nightly bathed in the glorious light of electricity, and the thousands of gaslights may then be replaced by two or three magneto-electric points set high above the housetops of London.

Illustrated London News, August 16th, 1873

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