I'm a jolly little woman and I like a bit of fun
But my husband's such a goody-goody man
That I'm bored to distraction and to keep myself alive
I go in for something spicy when I can
When he said last week that he'd have to go to Manchester on 'biz'
And leave his little wifey for a night
And Charlie asked me out to dine the evening he'd be gone
Why, I took the invitation with delight.

Chorus: For I'm a girl who's up to any little spree
And Charlie, well, he's very fond of me
Oh there's nothing wrong you know
I can tell how far to go
I'm as tricky as a monkey on a tree
But when your married life is dull as dull can be
And you know a jolly man with L.S.D.
Who says, 'Dine with me in Town!'
I am not the one to frown
I'm a girl who likes a naughty little spree.

So I made a 'chic' toilette, and took a brougham up to Town
And called for dear old Charlie at the 'Queens'
And off we went together to a tip-top restaurant
All looking glass and pretty golden screens
Then we had a lovely dinner, with the very best of fizz
Which rather muddled Charlie in the head
For he flattered me, you know, well... as he'd never done before
Oh, I cannot tell you half the things he said.

Chorus: For he's a man who, when he takes you on a spree
Gets a little bit too complementaree
But of course I only smiled
When his talk grew rather wild
And I wouldn't understand him, don't you see?
For though your married life is dull as dull can be
You mustn't quite forget proprietee
But it's just the way with men,
They don't understand you when
You merely like the fun of being on the spree.

I was laughing at the latest little joke about the town
When I saw poor Charlie staring open-eyed
At a lady who came sailing like a duchess down the room
With my goody-goody husband at her side
The lady was the dearest female friend I've ever had
How she started when I said, 'How do, my dear?
And you too John? how quick you've been to Manchester and back
Whoever would have thought to meet you here.

Chorus: But it's clear you like a night out on the spree
Sit down with us, my dear, and don't mind me
Yes, the weather's rather warm
P'r'haps we're going to have a storm
Is your husband still away in Barbaree?
We've already finished dining, as you see
So good-bye, John, here's a kiss
(Thought you much too prim for this!)
But next time you'll take me for a spree!'
Performed by Lottie Collins (1866-1910)
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