It's no use 'Arry trying to coax me on
I've said no and I mean it straight I do
I've thought it over many nights alone
I'm certain every word you spoke was true
It ain't that I dislike you, I refuse,
For you're the only cove I know is good
Don't think too bad of me for saying “No”
And take it with a good 'eart as you should.

Chorus: No, 'Arry don't ask me to marry
Oblige me and let me be
I've got my Mother, my sister, and brother
At 'ome and dependin' on me
There's a ring you gave me a year ago today
Take it back, 'twill remind you of me when you're miles away.

You said last night you'd go away from here
Pluck up, don't be a silly little jay
For if you join the army 'Arry dear
You might get both your legs clean blown away
On crutches you'd look very funny, straight,
And not the sort of man I'd wish to wed
But there, I'm only larkin' with you
In fact I'm nearly off my 'ead.


We ain't engaged but we'll be chummy still
And sociable just as we used to be
I'll allus have a drink with you I will
When you're broke, course, you can have one long o' me
But what's the use of you agoin' away
For seven years, you must be off yer crust
'Cos if you've made yer mind up not to stay
Why don't yer try the well-mel-ish-er fust.


If we got spliced, then what would Mother do?
There'd be no one to help her and she's low
And there's my little cripple brother too
I couldn't see him want a crust, you know
You said you'd take them with us by and bye
Those words of yourn they make my heart feel glad
I know your 'art is good enough to try
But ah! That takes a lot o' doing lad.

PDF Sheet Music
Written and composed by Harry Castling & George Le Brunn - 1893
Performed by Marie Lloyd (1870-1922)
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