Poor little Billy Brown, who lived in Camden Town
Had taken to himself a charming wife
He spoonily behaved, and foolishly he raved
About the joys of happy married life
When he to work returned, impatiently he yearned
The first day for the closing day to come
He conjured up the smiles, the kisses and the wiles
His wife would greet him with when he got home.

Chorus: It's true, when he got home, upon her face she wore a smile
But not for Bill! Not for BIll
She'd a cuddle and a kiss for which you'd walk half a mile
But not for Bill! Not for Bill
She was seated on the knee of a stranger
And he smiled at her a smile enough to kill
There were slippers nicely aired and tea for two prepared
But not for Bill! Not for Bill.

Augustus Henry Green one afternoon was seen
At Kempton, with a knowing air
Placing all that he possessed upon a horse - the best
That ever made the eyes of backer stare
He'd pawned his very socks and stripped his money-box
To raise the oof - they gave him five to one
First in the gee-gee romped, he shouted and he stomped
The off to get his rhino did a run.

Chorus: For one and all a crowd of bookies handed out their cash
But not for Gus! Not for Gus
His bookie when the gee-gee won had quickly made a dash
But not for Gus! Not for Gus
There were special trains to take people homeward
'Shank's pony' made our little masher cuss
There was 'cham' and lots of fun for the other folks who'd won
But not for Gus! Not for Gus.

Jane Robinson one day went with a party gay
Out in a brake to have a trip, you know
And in a rustic scene, upon a village green
They meant to dance the lively toe
Up in the brake she sprang, when something went off bang
The string of her white petticoat - oh dear
When they arrived she said, 'I've got a splitting head
I won't get down, I think I'll stay up here.'

Chorus: And oh, there was such dancing and such kissing in the ring
But not for Jane! Not for Jane
There were waltzes and schottisches and the merry Highland Fling
But not for Jane! Not for Jane
As she held herself like this, people whispered
'What's the matter, dear -pray, do you feel in pain?'
There was happiness and things for the girls with proper strings
But not for Jane! Not for Jane.
Written and composed by E.W. Rogers - 1895
Performed by Marie Lloyd (1870-1922)
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