I've got appointment to elope tonight, wid a darky lady,
Hush! Not a word! Dere may be someone near!
She said, 'My lub, you come for me, as soon as de night am shady!
Hush! Not a word! Dere may be someone nigh!'
Dis morn, I said, 'Don't worry me so, but come my boney!'
She said, 'Oh dear! you flurry me so, you do, old sonny!'
Closer came dat face ob hers, I felt, I dunno how,
I said, 'Honey, hop it, hop it!' She said, Not jes' now!...

Chorus: Not while de coons am about, Sammie!
Not while de coons am nigh;
Wait 'til the lights am out, Sammie!
And de coons all play 'shut-eye'
And den, I'll meet you,
My own little dandy coon;
And one, two, three! hey presto! we,
Will skip by de light ob de moon!'

It's possible dat, in my time, I may ha' p'r'aps kissed a few lips,
Hush! not a word, dere may be someone near;
But dere am not a flow'r dat grows so sweet as my honey's two lips,
Hush! Not a word! Dere may be someone nigh!
Dis morn I said, 'Oh! blissity-bliss,
To press dat waist,
What joy to steal one kissity-kiss,
Yes, jest one taste.'
When she put her face so, I was tempted, you can guess,
She said, 'Sammie! stop it, stop it, you may kiss me, yes but,


Her fader, he didn't lub me ha'f so much as his lubly daughter,
Hush! Not a word! Dere may be someone near!
If he knew she elope wid me, I guess dere would be manslaughter,
Hush! Not a word! Dere may be someone nigh!
Tonight we'll do a skippity-skip,
In spite ob fader!
While he's asleep we'll trippity-trip
Down South, um! rader.
Hand in hand an' heart to heart, the wedding knot we'll tie,
Pop won't shout out, 'Drop it! drop it!' honey gal won't cry,

Performed by Bessie Wentworth (1873-1901)
Written and composed by J.P. Harrington & George Le Brunn - 1897
From Music Hall Lyrics Collection
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