P'r'aps you don't know what a big surprise I've had?
I never would have dream'd of this before
'Cos I used to look on blokes
As sort o' comic caper jokes
A fing to 'ave a lark wiv, nothing more
P'r'aps you don't know Johnny Brown who sold the flowers and fruit?
I stood 'im 'cos he used to make me laugh
The other day he rolled up in Khaki, if you please
I says, 'Lumme! don't it suit yer, Jack. Not 'arf.

Chorus: Now, I do feel so proud of you, I do honour bright
I'm going to give you an extra cuddle tonight
I didn't like yer much before yer join'd the army, John
But I do like yer, cocky, now you've got yer Khaki on.

Once or twice, he took me to a moving picture show
He'd 'old me 'and and all that kind of stuff
And I don't mind saying this
I used to let 'im have a kiss
Until I said, 'Now chuck it, that's enough.'
Then up he rolls in Khaki - I says, 'Lovely, ain't you grown
You've altered, but you've altered for the best
Once or twice I thought you meant to grow a Derby Kell
But they've took it off, and stuff'd it in yer chest.


Standing at the corner of the street last night
He said to me, 'Now what are yer going to do?
Lets get married right away!'
I said, 'Now what would people say?
They'd all begin to talk about us two!'
Well. he looked disappointed. I said, 'Lets say a month'
Then on me word, the honest truth to speak
He told me that his furlough might be cut short any day
So I says, 'Then I'll be ready in a week.'

Written and composed by Charles Collins & Fred W. Leigh - 1915
Performed by Marie Lloyd (1870-1922)
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