Now I owe a man a penny, and tho' I've been waiting many
Weary years we've not met yet
My mind's a bit uneasy, and I fancy it would please me
To get out of that man's debt
For long my heart has sorrowed, o'er the 'stiver' that I borrowed
Years ago when work was slack
It may doubtless seem surprising, but I'm always advertising
For I long to pay him back
I am daily growing thinner - p'r'aps the fellow wants a dinner
Or a Beecham's for his health
Or for just a drop of liquor, p'r'aps he's daily growing sicker
While a owe him all this wealth, so

Chorus: If you see that man will you send the information on to me
He's got double-barrel'd pants going rather baggy at the knee
He's got funny little ways - shuts one eye when he winks
And his name is Obadiah Jeremiah Zachariah what a liar Binks.

Now the week in which he lent it I extravagantly spent it
'Twas a foolish thing to do
I treated all my cronies to some faggots and polonies
And we 'gorged' till all was blue
Ah, me I often ponder on the way I used to squander
When possessed of that one 'D'
My anxiety would end a treat if I could find the lender
Or if he discovered me
Oh! if I could only meet him with exuberance I'd greet him
Like a madman I'd behave
P'r'aps his whiskers need refining, or the poor chap may be pining
For a hair-cut or a shave, so,


Now I do not think it clever for a man to never never
Pay the cash back he may owe
Some day when he is stony his accommodating crony
Won't oblige him then, I know
So if I see the chappie who once made me very happy
By obliging as he did
I shall spend that penny speedy, and if that chap isn't needy
I can borrow half-a-quid
So now I hope you'll ever use your very best endevour
Like an artful crafty lynx
To discover Obadiah Jeremiah Zachariah, and the rest,
Including Binks - so -

Written and Composed by Fred W. Leigh - 1896
Performed by Harry McCormack & Will Mayne
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