Obadiah Hope was one and twenty,
Obadiah Hope was rather green
Obadiah Hope was a Captain in the army,
The army of salvationists I mean
His hair grew long and lank upon his shoulders
His snub nose tipped up slightly in the air
And whene'er the battle raged the fiercest
With a collection plate you'd find him there.

Chorus: Obadiah walked behind the drum
Shouting to the folks to come to glory
Up each alley, down each slum
It was the same old story
About the place all good people go
He used to rave a lot
But he reached as far as the Elephant and Castle
That's as far as Obabdiah got.

One night when he was in the South of London
He met a gril and offered her a tract
She murmured, 'Oh, I'd rather have a drink, sir.'
Then gave his face a playful little smack
Like Adam with the apple, he was tempted
They went off to a public bar just near
And when he'd sampled several Scotch and sodas
By accident he called the lady 'Dear'.


At closing time poor Obadiah was tipsy
Of S. and B's he had about enough
All his tracts were rolled up into pipe lights
His watch and chain were in the lady's muff
And when a bobby found him in a doorway
Just as the nearest clock was striking three
Obadiah was shouting, 'Come to Glory.'
The bobby answered, 'All right, come with me!'


Written and composed by H. Castling - 1897
Performed by Rosie D'Alberg
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