There is a very famous place to which some people fly
When they think they are in disgrace, or trouble should be nigh
They seem to think the only way in which to fight the fates
Is just to take a trip across unto the United States.

Chorus: Here's another one off to America
Here's another one going away
One more in the throng has gone jolly well wrong
And finds it too warm to stay.

There's Brown upon the Stock Exchange, who lost so much in shares
Begins to find he can't arrange to settle his affairs
The creditors are clamouring, so he came to say good-bye
And when I said 'Brown, where are you bound?' why this was his reply


My neighbour Jones who used to be the merriest man on earth
Seems to me quite altered since he went upon the turf
He took the odds too freely at a race the other day
And plunged upon the wrong one, which has caused him since to say,


Then Robinson, my dear old pal, he lately jumped for joy
To think that fate at last should send to him a darling boy
But strange to say, he's sad today, and for his wife does call
For she's bolted with the lodger and it seems that after all,


I suppose out in Columbia, when fresh friends they have met
They'll forget their sorrows, and experience no regret
Though I should like a path to strike across the seas away
Yet while I have such friends as you, you'll never hear me say.

Written, composed and performed by Fred Albert (1844-1886)
From Music Hall Lyrics Collection
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