Now if yer want a 'igh old time,
Just take a tip from me.
Why 'Ampstead, 'appy 'Ampstead,
Is the place to 'ave a spree.
You parker wiv dinarlies
An'I'm willin'for to bet
The day you spent at 'Ampstead 'Eath
You never will forget.

Chorus: 'Oh, 'Ampstead! 'Appy 'Ampstead!
'Appy, 'appy 'Ampstead;
All the donahs look so nice;
Oh, 'Ampstead's very 'ard to beat.
If you want a beano it's a fair old treat!

Bank 'oliday's the time of course
To see it at its best,
Wiv blokes an'doners by the score
All very neatly dressed.
Sich ikey 'ats an' feathers, green,
Red, yeller, pink and blue;
An'coves in roun'-my-'ouses all
Cut very saucy, too!
Oh, 'Ampstead!

The toffs may talk of Rotting Row,
There ain't no place on earth
Like 'Ampstead, 'appy 'Ampstead for
To get yer money's worth
The bloke as owns the cocoa-nuts
'Twon't break yer to support,
Three shies a penny's wot I calls
A find old English sport!
Oh, 'Ampstead!

We tells the doners goin''ome
'Now gals do what yer please,
There ain't no room inside unless
You sits upon our knees'
We 'elps 'em in our donkey carts
A shoutin''It's a shame'
They makes a awful fuss but still
They likes it all the same!
Oh, 'Ampstead!

Written and composed by Albert Chevalier & John Crook - 1893
Performed by Albert Chevalier (1861-1923)
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