Johnny bade farewell to his sweetheart one day
Said he was going to lands far away
To the Klondyke Goldfields for her sake he'd stray
And he'd reurn with the wealth of a Czar
He wrote to Flo when he got to the mines
But months he waited in vain
Just for an answer - a few lover's lines
And waiting he sang this Refrain: ,

Chorus: 'Oh Flo! did you but know
That you are filling my heart with woe
While I toil on the soil
Where It's a hunderd degrees below zero
Then, pet, you would regret
That you had doubted that I'd be true
Both night and day, then you would say
Johnny, I love but you.

Flo had also waited for news from her love
Wondering why he so long delayed
Nothing could convince her that faithless he'd prove
Vowed to the end she'd be constant and staid
Advertised weekly in Lloyds' 'Missing friends'
Hoping an answer to bring
While from his heart with a love that ne'er ends
Her Jiohnny continued to sing.


In the deep Atlantic, the divers one day
Went down to search for a steamer's mail
In a fortnight after, to great dismay
Flo' read of Johnny's most piteous tale
Johnny returned with the wealth he had won
Shortly the lovers were wed
While on the honeymoon Flo read in fun
A briny-stained letter which said,


Written and composed by W. P. Keen
Performed by Florrie Forde (1876-1940)
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