There's a lovely girl called Florrie
But for short we call her Flo
And she really feels quite sorry
The boys all love her so
She's a neat little sweet little icicle
Her heart must be made of snow
She once used to ride on a bicycle
But now she prefers to go, on a motorcar.

Chorus: Oh Flo, why do you go?
Riding along on your motor car
People all say you're peculiar
Singular, so you are
Oh Flo, do let me go
I'll be your guiding star
There's room for two, me and you
On your elegant motorcar.

But it's all no use one talking
While the motor car's a dream
You will never see her walking
She always goes by steam
And a fellow would ne'er have a chance with her
For she'd become his wife
He'd lead such a terrible dance with her
And simply be tied for life, to a motorcar.

Written and performed by Harry Dacre (1860-1922) - 1901
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