My fatal beauty dazzles people when they get close to it
Although I am not proud I get in lots of trouble thro' it
They all seem jealous of me and the envy I could trace
When one said, 'How dare they let you walk out with that face.'

Chorus: Oh, how rude. Oh, how rude
And the laughter from around was not subdued
For he used a lot of snack words
Said I ought to walk out backwards
Which I told him would be very, very rude.

I used to play at honey-pots but now I watch the bumble
The energetic busy bee - so diligent and humble
I stood beside a beehive once - my curio bump arose
A lady bumble fancied me - and got amongst my clothes.

Chorus: Oh, how rude. Oh, how rude
For that little bumble bee to so intrude
As it strolled around the houses, on the inside of my trousers
I protested it was very, very rude.

I always ride in cabs and I'm a gold mine to a cabby
The usual ha'penny omnibus for me is much too shabby
Last night the Jehu said the fare was wrong. I said 'tis not'
He called me Who, the What, the Where, the Well, the How, the what?

Chorus: Oh, how rude. Oh, how rude
And his extracts from the Greek were very crude
Got his temper to a pitch up
And declared he'd bang my snitch up
Which I told him would be very, very rude.
Written and composed by C.G. Cotes & Graham - 1899
Performed by Arthur Lennard (1867-1954)
Performed by George Robey (1869-1954)
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