In quaint native dress an Italian maid
Was deep in distress as the streets she strayed
Searching in every part
For her false sweetheart
And his ice-cream cart
Her English was bad it cannot be denied
And so to herself in Italian she cried,

Chorus: Oh Oh Antonio he's gone away
Left me alonio, all on my ownio
I want to meet him with his new sweetheart
Then up will go Antonio and his ice-cream cart.

So sad grew the plight of this fair, young lass
She'd faint at the sight of an ice-cream glass
She'd dream nigh every day
He'd come back to stay
But he'd fade away
Her old hurdy-gurdy all day she'd parade
And this she would sing to each tune that it played.


She sought in despair for Antonio
And looked everywhere that she thought he would go
Soon she to pine began
As each face she'd scan
For her ice-cream man
She faded away, but they say in the streets
The ghost of that girl in Italian repeats.

Written and compoded By C.W. Murphy & Dan Lipton -1908
Performed by Florrie Forde (1876-1940)
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