( A Cockney's Love Affair)
It was in the doorway of a pub
Where I to Ria proposed
The snow was coming down in lumps
And we was nearly froze
I takes 'er 'and and says, 'My gal
I 've got something to say.'
She tumbled wot was coming
For she turned 'er 'ead away
'Yer likes me just a little bit
Now don't yer, Ria,' says I
'Don't come it, Jim,' says she, 'Or I
Shall dot yer in the eye.'
That's three long months ago, and things
Is just the same with us
I've tried, but failed, to make
That little Donah answer 'Yuss.'

Chorus: 'Oh Ria, my 'eart's afire
I loves yer, so why d'ye linger
I've got the rings - I'm waiting now
To put it on yer finger
It cost a quid - straight it did
I've come to give yer warning
If yer don't say, 'Yuss' I give you my word
I shall pawn it in the morning.'

Sometimes I thinks if I was dead
It 'ud be better for us
If we'd been spliced a year or two
She couldn't treat me wuss
She'll go and drink with other coves
Jus' right before my eyes
And shows me up before me pals
By tellin' them sich lies
The 'silk stook' that I bought
To square 'er once when we'd a row
She pawned and sold the ticket
(Billy Adams wears it now)
Sometimes I think I'll pack up, and
Go to some foreign part
'Cos if I stays, that little Donah's
Bound to break my heart.


The way she carries on sometimes
'U'd aggrawaite a saint
I'm sure she's got another bloke
Although she says she ain't
Whenever to 'er 'ouse I call
Some one gives 'er the tip
And while I'm waiting at the front
Out of the back she'll slip
She's a Donah as won't tell yer
She don't want yer, plain and straight
She'll hanky panky with yer
Till yer barmy - straight
My pals all say that I'm a jay
To win 'er 'eart to try
But, there, I can't 'elp likin' 'er
And for that girl I'd die.

Written and composed by Harry Castling - 1894
Performed by Arthur Pearl (1869-1945)
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