There's a young friend of mine who's nearly divine
If you look in his face he would blush
If he met a girl's school he would quake like a fool
And away from the darlings he'd rush
One night I said, 'G, now come out with me
For you know it is near Christmas time
And everyone's gay, now what do you say
If we see Drury Lane Pantomime?'

But we couldn't get a seat there so we had to go to the Alhambra
and then my friend, when he saw the ballet girls, shouted out...

Chorus: 'Oh, the fairies, Whoa, the fairies
Nothing but splendour and feminine gender
Oh, the fairies, Whoa, the fairies
Oh for the wing of a fairy Queen.'

At last we came out, with Pa's rather stout
And Mammas with their daughters so grand
Then to the stage door we went, but oh lor
It was nothing like bright fairy land
And all was so cold, no silver or gold
The girls were amiss and misnamed
My poor friend he gazed, and looked all amazed
And then all at once he exclaimed,


And then not content, off strolling we went
To the Haymarket famed supper rooms
And there we drank cham', and called girls real jam
Like you hear other awful great spoons
But when the place closed, 'sweet home' I proposed
And away from the ladies dressed loud
But soon we got mixed between and betwixt
And my poor friend I lost in the crowd.

but I could hear him shouting...


So then all alone I went my way home
And quite safely I reached the street door
To bed I soon crept, and soundly I slept
Until I woke up at four
My friend he arrived with some friends at five
And was lying half drunk on the stairs
With a boot in each hand he cried 'Fairy Land'
And hang all the landladies, 'Who cares.'

and when I went to him he was shouting out...


PDF Sheet Music
Written and composed by T.S. Londsale & William G. Eaton - 1878
Performed by George Leybourne (1842-1884)
From monologues.co.uk Music Hall Lyrics Collection
George Leybourne
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