A certain monarch in his motor car, on pleasure bent
Thro' Gottenberg-upon-the Rhine with all his suite he went
The town was full of girls and not a single man in view
Said the great man, 'This will never do.'
He saw the girls were lonely, and they hadn't half a chance
No men about to speak to them, or lead them in a dance
He struck a very bright idea and sent a regiment down
To cheer them in their loneliness, and liven up the town.

Chorus: Oh, the girls, the girls of Gottenberg
No men were near them to love and to cheer them
But when the soldiers came along, a regiment a thousand strong
It was all right then, for the girls of Gottenberg.

The soldiers came on horseback all amidst the trumpets' blare
And no mistake their figures caused a great commotion there
With helmets sparkling in the sun, and uniforms so blue
All the girls there rushed to get a view
The ladied eyed them as they rode along the thoroughfare
Each gallant rider on his horse there looked so debonair
A tiny handkerchief was waved from ev'ry window sill
And little hearts were jumping, and they couldn't keep them still


Among the few men in the town they caused an awful scare
They couldn't find a girl unless she had a soldier there
The shady nooks were all full up with girls and soldiers too
You could even hear them bill and coo
You couldn't walk about the town, the place was in a whirl
Without you bumped against a six-foot soldier and a girl
The villagers looked upon the scene with fear and great alarm
For even the drummer boy, he'd one upon each arm.

Written and Composed by Harry Castling & Fred Godfrey - 1908
Performed by Billy Williams (1877-1915)
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