Our Gracious Queen's Great Jubilee has now become a craze,
Amongst her loyal subjects and to illustrate their praise,
They've Jubilee this and Jubilee that, they've made it quite a fad,
In fact this Jubilee has nearly sent the people mad.

(Spoken:) And amongth the number...

Chorus: My wife's gone quite cracked about the Jubilee,
Oh! the Jubilee, oh! the Jubilee!
I'm a wretched man as you can plainly see,
Oh! this Jubilee will be the death oif me.

This Jubilee has surely played the deuce with Mary Jane,
To tell the truth she's really got the Jubilee on the brain,
For if she goes for anything now, no matter what it be,
She's sure to tell the shopman that she wants it Jubilee.


She's got the house chock full of ornaments and crockeree,
And every blessed article she's christened Jubilee,
We've a jubilee kettle and dishes too and true as I'm a man,
We've got a Jubilee tom-cat and a Jubilee frying pan.


I really cannot cure her and I tell you plain and plump,
This blessed Jubilee has sent my wife clean off her chump,
But if she doesn't alter soon, I'll take her by surprise,
And give her such a lovely pair of Jubilee black-eyes.


Written and composed by James Tighe - 1887
Performed by Charles Coborn (1852-1945)
From monologues.co.uk Music Hall Lyrics Collection
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