Now have you heard the craze that's come to drive you off your thatch?
And quickly send us one by one, right off to Colney Hatch;
We've heard enough of Kruger, of his whiskers and his pipe,
And now we've got the khaki craze to haunt us day and night.

Chorus: Oh the kharki! Oh the kharki!
We've kharki ties and kharki shirts,
Kharki bloomers and kharki skirts,
Everything is kharki, it's driving us all insane,
We've khar - ki - ar - ki - ar - ki - ar - ki,
Khar - ki on the brain.

In every shop you see the windows full of Kharki clothes,
There's kharki pocket-handkerchiefs to wipe your kharki nose;
I bought some fowls a week ago, with feathers on their legs,
And yesterday, upon my word, they laid two kharki eggs.


We soon shall be all kharki, from our head down to our feet,
With kharki boots and kharki togs to walk down kharki street;
We might have kharki cats and dogs but there the law forbids,
But my old woman, yesterday, had three fine kharki kids.


Written and composed by Ernie Mayne & G.D. Fox - 1900
Performed by Ernie Mayne (1871-1937)
From monologues.co.uk Music Hall Lyrics Collection
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