Was ever a poor girl so pestered as me
I'm sure I don't know what to do
My young man is getting as bad as can be
And for it I feel I shall rue
Of course you can see why I'm a shy little thing
And I shudder at anything gay
So each time my beau tries to give me a squeeze
In order to stop him I say.

Chorus: 'Now don't, have done, let me be
Let me alone or I'll tell Mamma
Now don't, have done, or I'll scream
Oh, what a wicked young man you are.'

When I knew him first he was nice and polite
And had very different ways
But now all through him why, I can't sleep at night
And I'm thinking of him all my days
On Sundays he walks at my side to the church
And soon as we're seated inside
He often starts tickling me under the chin
And many a time I have cried,


Last week we went out for a stroll through the fields
And shortly we came to a style
And wicked audacious young man that he is
I saw him immediately smile
I tried hard to make him look round t'other way
But no, he would not turn his head
But he lifted me clear in his arm,


Now Harry declares that of courting he's tired
And would much rather settle in life
But I say that ne'er so courageous shall be
As to dare to be any man's wife
But he says I don't know what I dare till I try
And so we have settled the day
For he says when we're married, I won't be so shy
And will never be ready to say,

Written and composed by Edmund Forman - 1882
Performed by Ethel Victor (1858-1903)
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