Honey dear, want you near
Just turn out the light and then come over here
Nestle close, up to my side
My heart's afire, with love's desire
In my arm, rest complete
I never thought that life could ever be so sweet
Till I met you, some time ago
But now you know I love you so.

Chorus: Oh, you beautiful Doll, you great big beautiful Doll
Let me put my arm about you
I could never live without you
Oh, you beautiful Doll, you great big beautiful Doll
If you ever leave me how my heart will ache
I want to hug you but I fear you'd break
Oh, Oh, Oh, Oh, Oh you beautiful Doll.

Precious prize, close your eyes
Now we're going to visit lovers paradise
Press your lips, again to mine
For love is king of everything
Squeeze me dear, I don't care
Hug me just as if I you were a grizzly bear
This is how I'll go through life
No care or strife, when you're my wife.

Written and composed by Seymour Brown & Nat D. Ayer - 1910
Performed by Ayer & Brown
Performed by Ida Barr (1882-1967)
Performed by Clarice Mayne (1886-1966)
Performed by Billy Murry (1877-1954)
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