Oh, what a thing it is to be
A girl with lots of beaux
The number of young men I've got
Well, goodness only knows
When e'er I'm walking in the street
I'm nearly always sure to meet
A young man who will call me sweet
And then so gently say

Chorus: Oh you little darling , I love you
Oh, you little darling , are you true?
If you really love me, as you ought to do
Nothing in this world shall cut our love in two

Although I don't intend to wed
To settle down in life
I've promised nearly forty men
That I will be their wife
Some fellows tell me that I am
Their darling loving little lamb
While some call me their bit of jam
And other fellows say


Upon my word I don't intend
To wear a wedding ring
While for a kiss they give to me
No end of pretty things
Whene'er they kiss me once or twice
Although by some it's called a vice
I must confess I think it's nice
especially when they say

Written and composed by Joseph Tabrar - 1882
Performed by Nellie L'Estrange
Performed by Kate Vaughn (1855-1903)
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