I've just been lingering all alone down Paradise Row
When I was a kiddy, I'd a sweetheart, and down there we would go
I'd call her Nelly and she'd call me Joe
And we would romp there hand in hand
Then we'd both sit down on a doorstep there,
And we'd picture the future grand.

Chorus: On Mother Kelly's doorstep, - down Paradise Row
I'd sit along o' Nelly, she'd sit along o' Joe
She'd got a little hole in her frock
Hole in her shoe, hole in her sock
Where her toe peeped through
But Nelly was the smartest down our alley
On Mother Kelly's doorstep, - I'm wondering now
If li'l gal Nelly remembers Joe, her beau
And does she love me like she used to
On Mother Kelly's doorstep - down Paradise Row.

The cobblestones were a meadow sweet to Nelly and me
The smoky chimney on the housetop was a beautiful tree
And old Brown's donkey was a big baa lamb
And Mother Kelly in the house
On a wash day, holding her pail
Was Mary the milkmaid milking cows.

PDF Sheet Music
Written and composed by George Alex Stevens - 1925
Performed by Randolph Sutton (1888-1969)
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