I'm a bold bad villain, I roam the angry sea
My life is one of crime and piracy
If a sweet young damsel should chance to catch my eye
I tell her the story that the spider told the fly

Chorus: Then I snap my fingers, ha, ha, ha, ha!
And I snap the other one ho, ho, ho, ho!
I don't care should the parent pine
Once aboard the lugger and the girl is mine
Then I set my sails and sail away
No pirate e'er was cooler
For where e'er I go, I fear no foe,
On the good ship 'Yacki-hicki-doo-la'

One girl's father came all the way from Penge
On board my craft he vowed he'd have revenge
So I drew my cutlass, and there beneath the moon
I stabbed him in the focastle and I punctured his jib-boom


A U-boat pirate surprised me once at sea
And tried to work a little strafe on me
When the submarine skipper said, 'Now's the fatal hour'
I ran my blooming rudder through his blinking conning tower.

Written, composed and performed by Billy Merson (1881-1947)
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