(If That Little Girl Is Yours)
A lot of fellows may admire a pretty girlie walking,
In the park on an afternoon;
P'r'aps she's stately and tall, dainty and small,
But that little girl can't marry them all!
There's a peach for each if you only look around,
And you think you're mighty lucky when the right one you've found.
If she's nice, bright and homely seems to look,
You don't care if she's no illustration from a fashion book.

Chorus: One girl's as good as any other girl,
If that little girl is yours.
You don't care if she's dark or fair,
If she stays indoors or works at the stores.
Love is blind, so you never, never mind,
What other fellows think, because
One girl's as good as any other girl.
If that little girl is yours.

She need not be a Venus or a beauty of perfection,
For if she should belong to you,
She's just your beauty prize, she'll mesmerise,
She's got you at once with two spoony eyes.
There's a way, they say, that a girl has of her own,
And you're fairly round her finger when she's got you alone.
If her best dress is not the latest style,
It's the little girl inside that captivates you all the while.


An ordinary girlie or a lady with a title,
Are the same when young Cupid calls;
He'll just say, 'How d'ye do? pleased to see you!'
Distinction there's none, if your love is true.
And you seem to dream of her every night and day;
You are happy when you're with her and you're sad when away,
And you think your sweetheart is very grand,
For to you she's just as sweet as any lady in the land.

Written and composed by Fred Godfrey & Billy Williams - 1912
Performed by Billy Williams (1877-1915)
From Music Hall Lyrics Collection
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