'One man - one vote' is quite the rage, folks rave and singers sing
And soon, no doubt, 'twill lead us to one only of each thing
One leg to one's new trousers, just one button to one's shirt
One man, one wife, one kid, one room, one quid a week a cert
One birthday once a year for all of us both old and young
And then this Chorus:you will hear from singers with one lung,

Chorus: One man, one vote, one song, one note
One tart, one mash, one quid, one dash
One cab, one run, one drink, one bun
However shall we all get on when we have only one.

One man will only have one name, one meal a day he'll eat
One house he'll always live in, and that always in one street
One lodger will be allowed, and with him, just for fun
He'll share his missus' kisses - they'll have them one and one
One bed, with just one feather in, he'll occupy at night
One one fine day you'll find each man walk out this lovely sight.

Chorus: One man, one nose, one suit of clothes
One arm, one foot, one eye, one boot
One head, one ear, one whisker, what fun
However shall we all get on when we have only one.

When we go out and have a spree, one drink we'll get - no more
One boozy song, one stagger, and we'll sink upon one floor
The Landlord winking his one eye, will shout one word, 'Let go'
And then he'll call the potman, who will shift us with one toe
One policeman and one ambulance will take us off one day
One beak will fine us in one tick - one one we'll have to pay.

Chorus: One drink, one drunk, one wink, one wunk
One shout, one toe, one out you go
One bobby, one run, one fine, one done
However shall we all get on when we have only one.

One day we'll get for a holiday, we'll all go off so grand
To one place, Margate, where we'll each share out one grain of sand
One wash we'll get there, which must last each one of us one year
And if one of us should get drowned, one wife will drop one tear
One sail we'll get upon the sea, get queer with one 'heave ho'
Each one will make one rush to feed one fish below.

Chorus: One room, one flea, one bathe, one sea
One joint, one meal, one cat to steal
One bill, no fun, one man fair done
However shall we all get on when we have only one.
Written and composed by E.W. Rogers - 1893
Performed by Charles Deane (1866-1910)
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