When I was at a party,
Just a week ago,
I thought it most amusing,
Attention to bestow
Upon the various dancers,
And a lady fair.
Who seemed in great request
By all the young men there,

Spoken - One after another they walked up to her and said,

Chorus: Encore, one Polka, one little Polka more,
Ah do, just one, one more, encore,
Encore, one Polka, one little Polka more,
Ah do, one more, encore, encore.

And then there was the masher,
With manners so polite,
He thought himself the beau,
On this eventful night,
He smiled and shrugged his shoulders,
Gracefully he bowed,
To dance with her he begged
That he might be allowed.


A young man with a head
Just like a barbers block,
And knees that looked exactly
Just like five o' clock,
His comical appearance,
With laughter made me roar,
As he begged that she would favour him
With one dance more.


A bald headed old party,
Bumpus was his name,
I noticed that in one leg
He was rather lame,
For this defect in limb,
He did not seem to care,
But prayed that he might dance
With that young lady fair.


Written and composed by Arthur Lloyd - 1887
Performed by Arthur Lloyd (1840 - 1904)
From Music Hall Lyrics Collection
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