I mix with some boys who put on lots of side,
They're known as 'The Boys' and and they're what you'd call 'wide'.
They came to our 'ouse about three months ago,
They 'aven't gone yet but I don't mind, you know.

Chorus: 'Cos, we understand one an'other, 'cos I am one of the boys.
They sleep in my bed whilst I sleep on the floor,
They eat all my food while I'm 'ungry, oh Lor,
And the wife says that I'm not 'er 'usband, no more,
But I'm only one of the boys.

Our eighteen stone champion's one of our mob,
The other day I said to 'im, I said, 'Hey Bob,
'Ow do you 'it 'em, to knock 'em right out?'
'E said, 'Why like this!' and 'e gave me a clout.

Chorus: Well, we understand one an'other, 'cos I am one of the boys.
The front of my face, 'e turned round to the back,
My left eye was yeller, my right eye was black.
And the wife, when she saw me said, 'Are you my Jack?'
I said, 'No! I'm one of the boys!'

Written and composed by Fred J. Barnes, Weston, Scott - 1907
Performed by George Formby Sr. (1877-1921)
Performed by Joe Elvin (1862-1935)
Performed by Nellie Farren (1848-1904)
Performed by Lionel MacKinder (1869-1915)
From Music Hall Lyrics Collection
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