Marie Lloyd
I'm very, very fond of ruins, ruins I love to scan
You'd say I'm very fond of ruins if you saw my old man
I went out in the country for a stroll the other day
I love to study history and pubs along the way
I came across an Abbey that was crumbled all to bits
It looked a relic of a bye-gone day
A gentleman said, "What is this?" I said, "Excuse me, Sir
I'll tell you all about it if I may.

Chorus: It's one of the ruins that Cromwell knocked about a bit
One that Oliver Cromwell knocked about a bit
In the gay old days there used to be some doings
No wonder that the poor old Abbey went to ruins
Those who've studied history sing and shout of it
And you can bet your life that isn't a doubt of it
Outside the Oliver Cromwell last Saturday night
I was one of the ruins Cromwell knocked about a bit.

I showed him round the ruins and explained to him its charms
He said, "Let us adjourn and call at the common Cromwell Arms"
So in the Cromwell Arms we spent the best part of the day
I soon found out the Landlord's name was Cromwell by the way
The Landlord started arguing on Cromwell and his men
Till I said, "Is this Cromwell fellow dead?"
He threw us out, and when I came to, on the grass outside
I looked up at the Abbey and I said,

Chorus: As above or change to: 'I'm one of the ruins etc.'

I went back to the Cromwell Arms and doubled up my fist
The pot-man's name is Oliver and he's always on the twist
I said, "I've come to see the ruins that's all I'm about"
He said "You'll be a lovely ruin if you don't go out"
I told him and the Landlord they'd be better in a home
I said, "You've both got Cromwell on the brain"
Then something seemed to fall and I thought that I had collapsed
I murmured as I came round once again.

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Words by Harry Bedford/Terry Sullivan -Music by Harry Bedford - 1920
Performed by Marie Lloyd (1870-1922)
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