I held a position as high as a Prince but that was a long time ago
Oh such a long time ago, such a terrible long time ago
Ladies would 'wine' at your humble's expense
And didn't I make a big show, Ah, didn't I make a big show
Can you hear me? I made a big show
I've been on the 'Ram-dan' I've been on the mash
And I've been on the Parish alack
I've been to Paree and I've been to Peru
And I've kissed many girls white and black
And the fare to go there is the same as it is to come back.

Chorus: Oh Gussie, pity poor Gus, once all the ladies of me made a fuss
Now I am stoney I haven't a sou, haven't a smoke and haven't a chew
The swells don't seem to like me just because I am down at the heel
But you might be like it yourself one day, one of the shabby genteel.

I courted a Duchess when I had the brass,
Her name it was sweet Annie Moore
Yes, that was her name Annie Moore
I shan't tell you her name any more
I used to drive in a carriage and pair
Each morning to Annie's street door
But now I am stoney and poor, Annie won't speak to me any more
I had my own shooting box - shooting the grouse
And the snipe. Every day I'd go out
I wore shooting boots, but the ones I wear now
Have got all the toes shooting right out
And the Moon, very soon, is the next I'll be shooting, no doubt.


I've dined with millionaires many a time
Down at the Hotel Metropol
When I say the Hotel Metropol I don't mean Hotel 'up the pole'
Once I wore diamonds on both of my hands as large as a big lump of coal
But now I am down at the sole and I've left the Hotel Metropol
I went in for racing - race horses I owned
And a fine sailing yacht up at Kew
I've hoisted my slacks on my own fishing smacks
And I may say I've smacked all the crew
And Lord Mock said my smack was the finest smack smacker he knew.

Written and composed by Harry Castling & George Arthurs - 1902
Performed by Harry Bedford (1873-1939)
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