If you ever visit London all the sights you want to view
Madam Tussaud's and the Abbey and Romano's and the Zoo
You will wander to the tower, or in Hyde Park you may land
Till you drop on several friends and then you all go down the Strand.

Chorus: It's one of the sights of London
Dear old London Town
Many the sight you view as you go strolling up and down
When you wake up next morning
After the worst of nights
Just look in the looking-glass, there you will see
One of London's wonderful sights.

If you stroll around St James's where the guilded youth hangs out
You will see the latest Johnnnie looking rather knocked about
He's been dining, he's been wining, and he's just a bit 'so-so'
'Hang it, policman, here's a sovereign, call a taxi, let me go.'

Chorus: He's one of the 'tights' of London
Dear old London Town
Many such 'tights' you view as you
Go strolling up and down
'Cabby, look sharp, the Empire'
There 'mong its gay delights
He ogles the ballet girls dancing about
Dressed in London's wonderful tights.

In the street you'll see the taxi and the good old handsome cab
Oh, the language they're exchanging when a fare they want to grab
Then they have a wordy warfare, Oh, the pet-names, most profane
This is just a cabby battle, none are wounded, none are slain,

Chorus: It's one of the fights of London
Dear old london Town
Many such fights you view as you
Go strolling up and down
'Take yer old 'earse away, j'ear?'
'Garn with yer box-o'lights
And then a p'lice whistle. 'Move on' thus ends
One of London's terrible fights.

There is wealth in mighty London, there is poverty as well
They go hand in hand together, coster mingles with the swell
On a door-step there is sleeping little boy all in a heap
Dreaming of a long lost mother, he is smiling in his sleep.

Chorus: He's one of the mites of London
Cruel old London Town
Many the mites you view as you
Go strolling up and down
Starving amid the splendour, tortured by hunger's blights
There's no one to help him, no mother to love
One of London's poor little mites.
Performed by Arthur Lennard (1867-1954)
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