Only a broken toy, only a broken toy!
Fond memories arise as I gaze on this relic
Of days never more to be,
Of two little arms and a child's face angelic,
A face, oh so dear to me;
The pride of the hearts of both father and mother
Was our little Lilly, our daughter, our pet;
But now in dreams only we see one another,
And this broken toy brings me hopeless regret.

Chorus: Only a broken toy, bringing whenever I gaze,
Visions of hope and joy, visions of bygone days,
Oh! My loved ones; Hark, 'tis my wife and child,
Sorrow their tones destroy,
Speaking again to my heart through you,
Only a broken toy.

At seventeen Lily was feted and courted,
The belle of our town was she;
Of lovers she'd scores, but with love she but sported,
No danger could I foresee.
One sweetheart she had and she loved him sincerely,
But I knew him false and forbade them to meet;
She fled with him... but for her love she paid dearly,
He left her, a poor broken toy in the street.


When she left home I said bitterly, "Curse her,
And wife, recollect, if you seek her we part!"
My wife that Lily was ill, went to nurse her,
I shut my door on her and broke her poor heart;
I sought them too late, God to rest both had taken,
Gone, gone from my life was all hope and joy;
And today I'm alone, by the world quite forsaken,
Except by the mem'ries you bring, broken toy.


Written and composed by E.W. Rogers - 1897
Performed by Arthur Lennard (1867-1954)
From Music Hall Lyrics Collection
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