In a month what changes happen,
See Jones on his wedding day,
Drinking champagne by the bucket,
Shouting, "Drink up boys, hooray!"
On the honeymoon, his missus,
Lets him stay ouy out late at night,
But when they come back to London,
Does she do the same? Not quite!

Chorus: The first night that they're back he rolls in about two
"Been to Exeter Hall, love, with parson I knew."
She says, "Jim, don't tell lies! once for all it won't do!
Kiss and make it up? oh, dear me, no!"
Next night she blacks his eyes with the new frying pan,
And next morn in the mirror his features he'll scan,
"What! that wreck Jimmy Jones! and
I once was a man... only a month ago!"

On the pier at merry Margate
See a handsome, well-dressed pair,
Swell and lady, meet each other,
Say, 'How do?' with lordly air.
'Pwogwamme, fellow! ' says the masher,
'Ah-de Robinson! well met,
Try a ‘Flor-de-made-at-home-ah,'
Wothschild smokes this cigarwette.'

Chorus: He' s a nobleman, doubtless, or something as great,
But a month hence in London you'll see the swell wait
At the Hotel de Lockhart's and say, 'Here's my plate,
My usual allowance, you know.'
Then follow him home, what a diff'rence we see,
In a little back room with a kid on each knee,
He thinks of the lies he told down by the sea
Only a month ago!

Laughing eyes and patt'ring footsteps,
And a voice says, 'Papa's come;
Take me on your knee, please, daddy,
It's so nice to have you home.'
'Tis a happy father's greeting,
And as he joins in the mirth,
Little wonder he thinks baby
Makes his home a heav'n on earth.

Chorus: Just a month has gone by, father's home in his place,
But oh! where is the smile that once lit up his face?
Where's the baby, that bundle of kisses and lace
That to meet tired-out daddy would go?
'Wife,' he says, 'here's her portrait.' and oh, what despair
Fills his eyes as he looks at the small, vacant chair!
'All we've left of the angel who used to sit there
Only a month ago!'

Written and composed by E.W. Rogers - 1897
Performed by Arthur Lennard (1867-1954)
From Music Hall Lyrics Collection
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