Oh listen to me and a story I'll tell
About an old Johnny that I knew so well
He used to come courting a sweet little miss
All for the sake of a kiss-y-kiss-kiss
After a spoon he would go for a while
Returning again with an old fashioned smile
And a nice little present the silly old jay
Would show to the girl, then to her would say,

Chorus: 'Open your mouth and shut your eyes
And see what I'm going to give you
Oh cock-a-lo-rum, won't it be a surprise
Open your mouth and shut your eyes
And see what I'm going to give you
I've told you twice, it's awfully nice
But mind that you shut your eyes'

The old jay was deeply in love with the maid
And thousands of pounds he cheerfully paid
The girl was of course ever ready to mash
She didn't love him, but she did love his cash
At last he proposed, was accepted of course
To the alter they went with no sign of remorse
With the ring he approached, and she blushed rosy red
'I've something to give you my darling' he said,


That jay and his wife now they're wed, cut a dash
Of course she's all right for she handles the cash
And though she plays spoof with him now and again
She's sorry whenever she causes him pain
When they'd been married for just over a year
He felt quite surprised when the nurse said 'Come here,
I've something to give you, you darling old chap'
And she said as she placed a young babe in his lap.

Written and composed by Will Mayne & Will Godwin - 1895
Performed by Ada Reeve (1874-1966)
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