Just down the street at Number Four
We've got a cove named Jacky Shaw
He'll cane a chair or mend a can
He's what we call our 'Andy man
He'll iron a shirt or heel a boot
He's simply marv'lous as a mute
At will he'll smile or shed a tear
And as regards a-shiftin' beer,

Chorus: Well, he's our 'Andy man and very, very clever too
There ain't a favour he can't grant but what he will endeavour to
He'd build a row of 'ouses if you draw'd him out a plan
Jack Shaw of Number Four, he's our 'Andy man.

He's quite a father in his way,
He proved it too the other day
'Cause Jones was ill and couldn't go,
Jack took his missis for a blow
Jones sold the home for fifteen quids,
Turned out his wife and seven kids
Though grieved to, hear the awful news,
Jack jumped into old Jones' shoes


He's simply great at mending drains
Or putting in your window panes
At fighting too, well, he's immense,
He'd kill a man for eighteen pence
He'll clean your mats and shake you rugs,
Whitewash your rooms and blind your bugs
In P'lice-court jobs no end he's worth
For he's the biggest liar on earth


Last year he bought a sitting hen,
Which he arranged to bring off ten
But through a lodger on our flat,
His hen got killed by her tom cat
And rather than he'd waste the eggs
He stuck some feathers on his legs
Jumped in the nest, his usual luck,
He hatched nine chicks and one young duck.

Performed by Lawrence Barclay (d. 1949)
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