Come along o' me on Saturday night
Come along o' me and you'll see a sight
Down our little court we gives it a tone
By 'oldin' a dancin' class all on our own
There's Ria and Billy an' ginger-haired Tilly
They're all right enough just ter swell the list
They're ready and willin' an' fair kadrillin'
But my little Flo' does the twist...

Chorus: Fair Flo' ter watch yer's a treat
Can't take my eyes off yer feet
An' you're as nice as you're neat
I'm dead nuts on yer dancin'.

You should see 'er do a step on the Kerb
Talk abart style! Well, there it's superb
'Nuff to make a bloke go clean orf 'is dot
An' offer 'is 'and an' 'is 'eart on the spot
The organ plays quicker, I bring 'er a liquor
Sez I, 'yer a good un!' I'm rumbo!' she said
Sez I, 'Smart and clever.'
Sez she, 'S'elp me never
I'd do that there much on my 'ead.'


Covent Garden balls is all very fine
Covent Garden market's more in my line
Not a bit of fancy dress down our court
In 'Oundsditch our feavers an' jooils is bought
The orgin plays 'Daisy' or the Marsillaisy'
The toon doesn't matter, my Flo's allus game
At toein' or 'ealin' or Catherine wheelin'
You've only ter give it a name...

Written and composed by Chevalier/Brian Daly & Alfred H. West - 1894
Performed by Albert Chevalier (1861-1923)
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