I says to Bill, when my uncle, in his will
Left us all a bit of 'splosh' that he possessed
'Now a 'ouseboat on the river, it 'ud cure yer sluggish liver
An' it's better than a mansion in the West. Don't yer fink so?
Bill says, 'All right, anyfink you like, I ain't at all particular
Only mind the boat is near, a nice public house, my dear
With a handy little four-ale bar.'

Chorus: Our 'ouseboat is a 'ouse-boat
With a lot of water flowing underneath
For five hundred it was sold, an' it's painted green an' gold
Just to match my old man's teeth
From Monday up to Saturday
All the 'Arries, and the 'Rias, an' the Em's
Gather there in throngs, singin' comic songs
On our 'ouseboat on the River Thames.

We doesn't play the 'Johanna' all the day
Like the members of the 'airy-stock-ra-cee'
But, whenever we assemble, we make all the neighbours tremble
When we sing 'The Honeysuckle and the Bee' What do you think?
Bill says, 'Sit down! I'll gve you a toon,
Somefink new without a doubt.'
When he plays us, 'Home Sweet Home' on some paper and a comb
It's no wonder that the tide goes out.


We often go on the river for a row
For of boats an' punts we've got just twenty two
When he takes a job like that on, Bill he puts a big cocked-hat on
An' they takes him for an Admiral - they do. If I tell you
One day, dear Ma she fell in the Thames
Gave her clothes a fine old rinse
We'd a boat hook, close at hand so we rescued mother grand
But she's never sat in comfort since.

Written and composed by J. P. Harrington & George Le Brunn - 1902
Performed by Lottie Lennox (1886-1947)
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