We ain't a-livin' where we did a-fore we moved away
From the little wooden 'ouse at Peckham Rye
We 'ave shifted for the better, as circumstances proves
Cos we've got a lovely willa, 'bout so 'igh
It is fencied all round wiv railin's which is finished off wiv spikes
There's a little fancy wooden gate for keepin' out the tykes
And you can come round and see us any afternoon yer likes
At our pretty little willa down at Barkin'

Chorus: Come down and 'ear the sparrers sing
In the middle of the winter you would fancy it was Spring
The missis and the kids is getting brown as anyfing
Oh, come down to see us all at Barkin'

There's a banister to 'old on when yer wants to go upstairs
And the doors and fings is painted white and blue
There's windows in the parlour, and the cupboards are in pairs
And all the grates 'ave got a chimney flue
There's a cellar underneaf to 'old a hundred weight of coals
And a back yard almost big enough to play a game of bowls
And the kids 'ave got the whooping cough, lor bless their little souls
Oh, do come down and 'ear 'em all a-barkin'


There's a pretty iron scraper, if yer wants to scrape yer boots
I wipe mine on the brass plate by the door
There's nothing 'arf so common as a number on the 'ouse
The name of it is enough to break your jaw
But remember, when you're callin' don't you come in la-di-da
'Cos the missises brother is a 'eavy-weight - a star
If you get e gentle lift from him yer won't know where yer are
So you'll 'ave to brush up your manners up at Barkin'

Performed by Gus Elen (1862-1940)
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