Along o' my old gal at 'ome, I've got a good old pal at 'ome
A sahnd old sort indeed 'e is
For aht and aht philoserphee, well he's a qreosertee
But I dunno wot breed 'e is
'E follered me 'ome one night as I was going home from graft
But I'm blowed if 'e ud leave me any-ahr
And so I intrejuices 'im unto my better 'arf
And there 'e's been a sticker up to nah.

Chorus: And there ain't a lot of 'im, but 'e's O.K.
And wever in shine or rain
'E knows the werry 'ahr as I knocks off
And his tail goes, 'Ere we are again, 'ow are yer?'
'Arf a knicker ought to buy that tyke
But there's one fing abaht 'im ain't for sale
It's a kind of a sort of a 'ome, sweet 'ome
In the waggle of that old dog's tail.

It's really most delicious 'ow 'e understands the missus nah
And everyfing wot's affectin' 'er
She doesn't wenture aht o' doors unless he goes wiv 'er, acos
'E kids as 'e's pertectin' 'er
Considerin' she's a giantess and 'e's a little dwarf
'Is impidence is marveles to see
But there's annuvver circumance wot knocks me out o' brorf
She's more afraid o' 'im than she's o' me.


At 6 o' clock or there abahts 'e'll start to sniff and stare abaht
As if somefing's disturbin' 'im
And while I gets me supper dahn 'is narrative goes up and down
Lumme! why there ain't no curbin' 'im
They sez as 'ow a animal's inferior to a man
Becos he wags 'is tail and never talks
But as for them 'ere blooming duds wot kids to be yer pals
For Grack-e-tood, that tyke could give 'em chorks (chalks).

Performed by Gus Elen (1862-1940)
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