Miles and miles away in Indiana
In a little place called Parson's Green
There I met a sweet young Mexicana
And said, 'Have a banana, my dusk Queen
Then with flashing eyes she then devoured the fruit I gave
I told her that I'd always be her little Cowboy slave,

Chorus: Out on the Prairie we lead a wild life
Out on the Prairie with my Prairie wife
Out on the Prairie I do love to be
There I sit with my little Mary
Miles and miles away on the Prairie
Milking the cows from the Maypole Dairy
A Prairie's life for me.

(Spoken) Say stranger, don't be shy
You're wondering who I am and why
I'm a real tough feller from a real tough place
Way back, I hold me own out Yukon way
Just get everything my own way
If I don't just hold this way, it's black
Well I told my sweetheart, Bess
On marriage I was bent
She said, 'You'll have some trouble, dear
To get my folks consent.'
I said, 'Oh, we'll see, come round and see your poppa
And you lay some odds on me.'
And when her father said, 'You can have her,' I shot him
Then her mother cried and so I shot her too
I'm a tough guy when I rule,
And I like to see things through
So I shot her brothers Jack and Tom
And her sisters Kate and Sue
Then I yanked my gal round to see the preacher
It was always the creekiest place you wouldn't believe
When that guy said, 'Your Wed.'
I said, 'Thanks,' and shot him dead
They can't beat me, have you got me kid?
I'm stick-at-nothing Steve.


Yea're, and I'm telling you!

Written, composed and performed by Billy Merson (1881-1947)
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