There's a land of dreams where the sunshine streams
Like a river all day long
And it's there I'll go with the one I know
Who can make my life a song
We will find a place in an open space
Where our thoughts will all be twins
But we'll hide away from the cities grey
Out where the blue begins.

Chorus: Where the skies are blue, and you know it
As the birds go wheeling by
Out where hearts are true and they show it
Under an open sky
We will seek a sunny acre
With a love that always wins
And we'll live as was meant by our maker
Out where the blue begins
Out where the blue begins.

It's a land that waits at the city gates
And it's easy to be found
For the one who sees happiness in trees
And the green grass all around
When the night is near quiet sounds you'll hear
Not the city's crowded dins
May the road you roam lead you to a home
Out where the blue begins.

Performed by Kate Carney (1868-1950)
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