Look always on the Surrey side for high dramatic art
The road is long - The Thames is wide, but frequent 'buses start
From Charing Cross and Gracechurch Street, (a cheap and easy ride)
Then, if you,crave an evening's treat, go seek the Surrey Side.

I have been there, and still would go as Dr Watts observes
Though not a proper place, I know, for folks with feeble nerves
Ah me, how many roars I've had, how many tears I've dried
At melodramas good and bad upon the Surrey side.

Can I forget those wicked lords, their voices and their calves
The deeds they did upon those boards and never did by halves
The peasant, brave, though lowly born, who valiantly defied
Those wicked lords with utter scorn upon the Surrey side.

Can I forget those hearts of oak, those jovial British tars
Who cracked a skull or cracked a joke like true transpontine stars
Who hornpiped a la T.P.Cooke, and sang - at least they tried
Till with applause the gallery shook upon the Surrey side.

And best of all I recollect the damsel in distress
The rural charmer, so correct in morals and in dress
Who foiled my lord and then became the peasant's blushing bride
(They nearly always end the same upon the Surrey side)

No grander house I frequent - not even Drury Lane
But wander forth, on pleasure bent, across the Thames again
There's little in the acting way that I can well abide
Except the lovely things they play upon the Surrey side.
Written by Henry S. Leigh
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