'What makes you sad tonight, my dear papa?'
A little child asked, seated on his knee.
'Ah! do not cry, because I love you dear;
Pray papa, tell me, are you cross with me?'
'No, no, my child, you are an angel fair,
You have a heart as pure as God can give.
But ah! the world soon alters purest hearts;
I fear for you as you onward live.'

Chorus: For your mother has denied your home,
And has plunged us into sorrow's plight.
God alone knows where she now doth roam,
And that's what makes me sad, my child, tonight.

'Do not grieve, papa, I love you,' said the child;
'I'll never leave you as my mama did.
I will stay and comfort you through all my life,
And always do the right thing you will bid.'
He took her in his arms so tenderly,
And nestled her bright curls into his face;
But still the haunting memory of the sin,
Her mother's sin, destroyed his fond embrace.


Written and composed by Levi & Skelly
Performed by Austin Rudd (1869-1929)
From Music Hall Lyrics Collection
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